Pascal is a 24 year old scholar at Dunwyn University who is more of a glorified assistant to many of the professors.  That job doesn't pay the bills so he's also works part time at a small independent book store.

One day at work he finds an old book with a mysterious note about Dunwyn's hidden past.  This leads him to find a mysterious scroll that transformed him into a gummi bear.

Cubbi Gummi

Now 34 years old, Cubbi is in charge of security and keeping the peace within the Glen gummies' domain.  The years have not exactly been kind to him.

Tummi Gummi

Tummi is now 49 years old and has taken on learning magic from Zummi.  Even though he's a wizard, he still the same ol' Tummi that loves food.

Sunni Gummi

Now 37 year old, Sunni is married to Gusto and is a mom.  She had ambitions to do creative projects with Gusto, but had to take over Grammi's duties once her health started to deteriorate.

Grammi Gummi

Grammi is now 79 years old but still able to get around, be it slower.  Sunni took over most of grammi's old duties but still tries to help when she can.

Gruffi Gummi

Description coming soon

Zummi Gummi

A wise gummi who was not only the Glen Gummi's magic expert, but also historian.

Zummi passed away at 74 years old, but before doing so taught Tummi as much about magic as he could.

Gusto Gummi

Gusto is now 44 years old and has slowed down after marrying Sunni and becoming a father.

He spends most of his days helping with the day-to-day tasks around Gummi Glen as well as raising his daughter Emmi.

Emerald "Emmi" Gummi

As the 8 year old daughter of Sunni and Gusto, this makes her the youngest Gummi Bear in Dunwyn.

She still sees the world in a positive light, unlike most of the other gummies do.


A baker by trade, Paul is one of Pascal's close friends.  He does his best to keep Pascal out of trouble and tries to knock some common sense into him when he needs it the most.