Pascal is a 24 year old scholar at Dunwyn University who is more of a glorified assistant to many of the professors.  That job doesn't pay the bills so he's also works part time at a small independent book store.

One day at work he finds an old book with a mysterious note about Dunwyn's hidden past.  This leads him to find a mysterious scroll that transformed him into a gummi bear.

Cubbi Gummi

Now 35 years old, Cubbi is in charge of security and keeping the peace within the Glen gummies' domain.  The years have not exactly been kind to him.

Sunni Gummi

Description coming soon.

Gruffi Gummi

Once in charge of security and maintenance for Gummi Glen, Gruffi is mostly retired due to his older age, but that doesn't stop him from working when he shouldn't be.

Zummi Gummi

A wise gummi who was not only the Glen Gummi's magic expert, but also historian.


A baker by trade, Paul is one of Pascal's close friends.  He does his best to keep Pascal out of trouble and tries to knock some common sense into him when he needs it the most.


One of the few humans that share the secrets of the gummies.

More details coming soon.


Princess of Dunwyn, she is one of the few that shares the secret of the gummies and they work together to keep peace in the land.

More details coming soon.

King Gregor

The long time King of Dunwyn and very well respected.  Gregor is mostly bed-ridden these days due to his age while Calla and Cavin help with many of the royal duties.

He is also one of the few humans that share the secrets of the gummies.

Sir Tuxford

The main general for the Dunywn army and answers directly to the King Gregor.  After all these years he is still in charge of the Dunywn army.


A poacher wanted by the Dunwyn watch for quite some time, he is always able to cover his tracks.