The Story So Far

A year after the evil Duke Igthorn and his ogre army appeared to no longer be in Dunwyn, the glen gummies voted to complete their mission given by their ancestors: Contacting the “great gummies” across the sea to let them know it was safe to return home from New Gumbria after 500 years.

Shortly after the message was sent, Duke Igthorn returned with a vengeance and was able to take over the kingdom.

To make matters worse, the “great gummies” were already on their way to Dunwyn.

When the gummi ships approached the shore, Duke Igthorn was ready for them and launched an attack.

Thankfully Zummi was able to warn them to turn around before it was too late.

Eventually the gummies of Dunwyn and King Gregor defeated Duke Igthorn and his ogre army once and for all.

After returning to New Gumbria, the “great gummies” sent a message:

Sorry we had to turn back, but we look forward to coming home soon.

That was 24 years ago…

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