Milestone Episodes

These are a list of episodes from the original TV series that had a close connection to the main story-line.

Click on “Show Spoiler” to see why for each episode.

EpisodeThumbnailTitleStory-line Notes
Season 1, Episode 1A New BeginningVery first episode. We’re introduced to all the main characters, the world, and the gummi’s mission.
Season 1,
Episode 2B
Zummi Makes It Hot
Season 1,
Episode 6
A Gummi By Any Other Name
Season 1,
Episode 13
Light Makes Right
Season 2,
Episode 1
Up, Up, and Away
Season 2,
Episode 3a
Over the River and Through the Trolls
Season 2,
Episode 8
My Gummi Lies Over the Ocean
Season 3,
Episode 4
Day of the Beevilweevils
Season 4,
Episode 5
He Who Laughs Last
Season 4,
Episode 10
Gummies At Sea
Season 5,
Episode 2
The Road To Ursalia
Season 5,
Episode 8
Return To Ursalia
Season 6,
Episode 10 & 11
King Igthorn